High-Fire Clay Bodies
Clay 153
C/6 Ox.   C/10 Ox.  C/10 R.
153 STONEWARE CLAY (Cone 6-10)

A soft warm beige in oxidation - a rich gray brown in reduction. Responds well to all techniques. Excellent for production potters and classroom use. 
Shrinkage: 11.5% at C/6, 13% at C/10. 
Absorption:  5% at C/6, 2% at C/10.

Clay 259
C/6 Ox.   C/10 Ox.   C/10 R.
259 STONEWARE CLAY (Cone 6-10)

Formulated to be similar to 153, but with richer color tones. 
Shrinkage:  12.25% at C/6, 13% at C/10. 
Absorption:  4% at C/6, .85% at C/10.

Clay 306
C/6 Ox.   C/10 Ox.   C/10 R.
306 BROWN FIRING CLAY (Cone 6-10)

Smooth throwing body. Orange-brown in reduction. Muted orange to C/4 oxidation. Gray at C/10 oxidation. 
Shrinkage:  11.5% at C/6, 13% at C/10. 
Absorption:  3.5% at C/6, 1% at C/10.

C/6 Ox.   C/9 Ox.      C/9 R.
101 BUFF CLAY (Cone 02-9)

An all purpose stoneware clay with a wide firing range for throwing and modeling.
Shrinkage:  9.5% at C/6, 12% at C/9. 
Absorption:  4.5% at C/6, 3% at C/9.

Clay 108
C/06 Ox.  C/10 Ox.   C/10 R.
108 RED CLAY WITH GROG (Cone 4-10)

A high fire clay with medium grog and sand for surface texture and minimal warping and cracking. Designed for sculpture, slab or coil building. 
Shrinkage:10.5% at C/6,12% at C/10. 

Absorption:  5.5% at C/6, 3% at C/10.

Clay 119
C/6 Ox.  C/10 Ox.    C/10 R.
119 STONEWARE CLAY (Cone 6-10)

Contains coarse silica sand. Good for both salt and wood firings. 
Shrinkage:  10.5% at C/6, 12% at C/10. 
Absorption:   3.5% at C/6, 2.5% at C/10.

C/6 Ox.  C/10 Ox.    C/10 R.
205 CLAY (Cone 6-10)

Formulated for reduction firing. Muted brick red at cone 4, stone gray at cone 10. Contains fine grog.
Shrinkage:  11% at C/6, 12.5% at C/10. 
Absorption:  3.5% at C/6, 1.5% at C/10.

Clay 308
C/6 Ox.    C/8 Ox.      
308 BROOKLYN RED CLAY (Cone 4-8)

Red stoneware body with sand and grog. Oxidation firing yields brick red at cone 6 and deep warm brown at cone 8. 
Shrinkage:  12% at C/4, 13% at C/8. 
Absorption:  2.5% at C/4, 1.0% at C/8.

         C/10 Ox.                    C/10 R. 

Excellent throwing body that is a rich gray with a very fine speckled surface in oxidation, and a dark brown in reduction.  Similar properties to #153 clay.
Shrinkage:  11.5% at Cone 6, 13% at Cone 10
Absorption:  5% at Cone 6, 2% at Cone 10
C/6 Ox.  C/10 Ox.    C/10 R.
507 WARM BROWN CLAY (Cone 6-10)

Stoneware body contains sand.  Rich mottled orange/brown in reduction, more subdued mottling in higher oxidation firing. 
Shrinkage:  10.5% at C/6, 12% at C/10. 
Absorption:  3.5% at C/6, 2.5% at C/10.

          C/9 Ox.                      C/9 R.
#762 KITCHENWARE - C/6-9

A great functional stoneware clay body that contains ingredients which help with thermal shock.  Ideal for kitchenware items.  Must test glaze to insure a good glaze/body fit before going into production. 
Shrinkage:  5% at C/6, 7% at C/9
Absorption:  1% at C/9

         C/10 Ox.                     C/10 R.

Responds well to all techniques. Excellent for production potter & classroom use. Contains mullite for thermal shock properties.
Shrinkage at C/10:  13.0%
Absorption at C/10:  2.0%

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